Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Break

My Thanksgiving break was great I wish it didn't end. My family went to my aunt’s house, for thanksgiving. It was great. My aunt made a turkey, rolls, mash potatoes, gravy, stuffing, halibut, and salmon. My family made a Jell-O salad, and homemade corn, and a Swiss-apple pie. After the thanksgiving meal I got sick because I eat too much. On Friday I went shopping with my mom and sisters. On Saturday I and my mom and sisters took my older sister back to college. We stop at this mall in Orem it was big and really nice. They had this whole store that was filled with Disney stuff I was in heaven. I didn't really like the ride down or back since it was a four hour drive or longer. That was my Thanksgiving break.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Every year I have been alive I almost always have a scar for that year. When I was eighteen months old I stuck my left hand under the vacuum while it was going. When I was two I fall down cement stairs and cut my chin open and had to get stitches. Three I fell down the escalators and got a scar on my forehead. Four, five, six, and seven I was safe. Eight I fell off my bike and got a scar on my left knee. When I was nine I was at my grandparent’s house/ junkyard when I was climbing a wooden crate and got a piece of wood stuck in my left knee, which left a scar. Ten and eleven I was safe, and did get any scars. Twelve, I was racing my friend on are bike on my road when I hit both of the brake very hard, and I went over the handle bars and cut my chin open again, I didn't have to get stitches. Thirteen I cut myself shaving and had to pull two inches of skin out of my razor. Fourteen I probably did something that I can remember. Fifteen I got mad and took it out on my punching bag downstairs and now have scars on my pinkies. Sixteen, I cut my leg on the edge on my dresser and have a scar there and I busted up my hand again with the punching bag and will probably have scar on my hands cause of it. I sure thought the rest of my year I will acquirer my scars, but for now I’m done.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Favorite Book

My Favorite book would have to be..... The Mediators Series. There are six books in this series. The series is about a girl who can talk and see ghosts. Susannah Simon is a mediator that means she can see and talk to ghosts. She is supposed to help go to where they are suppose to be after they die, like heaven, hell, or they next life. She is sixteen and was forced to move to Northern California. This was because her mom remarried after her first husband died. Andy Susannah's new step dad lives in California with his three sons. Susannah and her mom lived in New York, where Susannah wasn't the most popular. Instead of Andy and his boys moving to New York, Susannah and her mom decided it would be easier for them to move to California. When Susannah got their she was welcome with a very hot ghost in her room. She couldn't say anything until her mom and new family left since they don't know about her special talent. The ghost had been living in that house for over 150 years, and he wasn't about to live much to Susannah's dismay. They made it work though. Jesse the ghost is a very hot ghost one Susannah's never had to deal with. He was about 20 years old when he died. Back when he was a live he was quite the hottie. Even when he was dead and a ghost he still had a nice washboard set of abs, and his face was was like perfection. Through out the books they start to like each other. Also through out the books they both fight ghost that are giving Susannah a hard time. Jesse has save Susannah countless of times. In the last book called Twilight, Susannah goes back in time to Jesse's time to save him. She ends up bring his body back to 2002. Jesse's body was unconscious and when his ghost self touch his body self they reunited and came back alive. They live happily ever after as boyfriend and girlfriend

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

about me

I am sixteen and I go to Davis High. I live in Kaysville with my mom, dad, three sisters, and two pets. I love movies. All kind of movie just not scary.